Sales Tax Returns

Florida Sales Tax Returns

sales-taxThere are two types of collection dates: monthly and quarterly. Monthly payments are due on the 20th of the month following the collection period, so sales tax collected in February would be due on or before March 20.

Quarterly payments are due by the 20th of the month following the quarter end. For example, if you collect sales tax from January through March, you must pay it no later than April 20.

Florida collects sales and use taxes on all goods and services covered by the tax code. The state department of revenue publishes a full list of the items and services you must tax. Generally, the list includes most consumer goods except for some food products. You must make sure you comply and collect the proper taxes or you could be liable for fees, penalties and fines.We can file your sales tax return electronically using Florida’s Internet filing site. We will assist you in providing a detailed written record of sales and taxes collected.Sales tax is often a “red flag” for a sales tax audit. Because you have to pay the amount of sales tax collected, an auditor may conclude that you had to collect more and may charge you more tax plus penalties and interest.

Calculating Sales Tax – Sales tax and discretionary sales surtax are calculated on each taxable transaction. Florida uses a “bracket system” for calculating sales tax when the transaction falls between two whole dollar amounts. Multiply the whole dollar amount by the tax rate (6 percent plus the county surtax rate) and use the bracket system to figure the tax on the amount less than a dollar. The Department of Revenue has rate tables (Form DR-2X) to help you.

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