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Financial planning, investments, saving for college, purchasing a home, purchasing or leasing a vehicle, estate planning, wealth building and taxes are all areas of expertise that a personal accountant has. While you are busy building your knowledge and expertise in your field, accountants are focused on staying abreast of the complex changes in tax codes and best financial practices for a secure future.

Sure, you can do these things on your own but chances are not with the same results. If your HVAC system goes down in your home and you attempt to fix it, chances are you will have to call in an expert eventually. Any complex system or process needs the eyes and knowledge of an expert in that field. And, the world of finances today is a complex system and you can benefit from the advice and action of a personal accountant.

Many people view accountants, as glorified bookkeepers or tax preparers but this simply isn’t the case. They are much more adept at providing sound, proven advice, to help you meet or exceed your long-term financial goals. Through one-on-one strategy meetings, you and your accountant can come up with a financial plan, including a budget, ways to manage expenses, savings goals and more to help you move forward with financial security.

As far as tax preparation is concerned, there is no way for anyone outside of the accounting industry to truly stay abreast of all of the deductions available. It is estimated that individuals that don’t take all of the tax deductions they are eligible for squander over a billion dollars away each year. If your accountant saves you even $1500 on your tax bill each year, it can make a huge difference in your wealth building. However, experienced accountants may help you save 2, 3, or even 10 times as much, depending on your financial situation.

Just like going to a doctor when you are ill or injured, an accountant can help you rebuild your finances and get you back on track after a difficult time. If your personal financial status took a hit during the recession a few years ago and you are working to rebuild your financial security, time with an accountant can be the best money you spend this year. Through an analysis of your current situation, your goals, your income and your expenses, your personal accountant can help you create a financial strategy to launch you to the next level.

If you have kids getting ready for college or you are nearing retirement age or you just want to explore how to build wealth, get out of debt and create a financial secure future, an accountant can help you reach and even exceed your goals. Make an appointment, go in with an open mind, lots of questions, and start transitioning from your current state, into the one of your dreams

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