Best Accounting Apps for Small Businesses


Let’s face it; it is natural to procrastinate small business accounting tasks. Between balancing existing clients, writing proposals for new clients, working on product development, marketing, and managing your staff, it is easy to let the bookkeeping fall by the wayside. But, with today’s technology, there are many solutions to help you keep track of your expenses, mileage, send invoices, check account balances, and reconcile accounts, quickly, while you are on the go. For small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, the mobile apps highlighted below can help you properly prepare for tax time while keeping an eye on your finances and expenses in real time.

Sellsy is an app that combines mobile invoices with customer relations management. From your mobile device, you can manage new prospects, clients, send an invoice and even send an estimate or proposal, on the spot. It is designed for multiple users, and even provides shared agendas, live chat and discussion spaces for your team.

Xero helps small businesses manage their accounting while away from their offices. This includes viewing bank, credit card, and even PayPal accounts, creating expense claims, send invoices, and reconcile bank statements. In addition, it allows you to photograph receipts and upload them into the system. No more endless afternoons of scanning receipts and uploading them into your accounting software!

For individuals on the go, MileBug has a full GPS path-tracking system that allows for the tracking of tax-deductible mileage on mobile devices. For international travelers, it includes international support. But, this system does more than just track mileage. It also helps you to keep track of expenses and generates invaluable reports to provide to your accountant. The better the information you provide to your accountant, the better your accountant can provide expert tax guidance and preparation.

Another mobile app for individuals on the go is Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker. Like MileBug, it tracks mileage and expenses, but it also allows for the automatic filing of receipts with just a simple photo of the receipt. The system extracts the name of the vendor, the amount of the purchase, the date and the payment method. In addition, it helps to streamline your bookkeeping needs by creating invoices. Another bonus? You can log into your account from any computer and it integrates with many of the top accounting software systems.

Speaking of top accounting software systems, QuickBooks Online gives you the functionality of QuickBooks from your mobile device. Create invoices, bids, and view essential account information to help you stay abreast of your business’ financial situation.

These tools are designed to help you streamline your bookkeeping and accounting functions, making your life easier. Keeping track of your expenses and being able to give your accountant proper documentation is essential. Wouldn’t you rather spend a minute uploading a business expense receipt on the spot instead of spending hours trying to recreate your expenses just before tax time? With these apps, end of month reconciliations and tax time doesn’t have to be time consuming or stressful. The expertise of an accountant together with accurate and complete data can help you prepare for tax time and a healthy financial future.

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